Vacay mood

SORRY for lack of updates but I’m still working on a project that I will tell you more about later. Meaning, I haven’t stopped blogging, just reprioritizing slightly as my full time job is currently 24/7. So don’t worry I’m still taking photos, documenting and planning beautiful guides for you, maybe even on Swedish (!!). Until then, I’m drifting away to our winter holidays that’s around the corner that this year will be spent somewhere warm and exotic. Simply can’t wait to go!! Style wise I’m sort of planning this Baywatch boho babe look. Where do you reckon I can get a high cut swimsuit and bohemian straw hat? Thank you for all your help!!



Calvi on the Rocks 2016

DURING the day there’s three beaches to cruise along, but really only two that’s worth going to (oops!!). So how to choose, well I kind of looked up the schedule and picked my DJ of the day that I wanted to move my body to. Don’t even try or think that you will actually joggle between them all, including a fancy lunch place off sight, every day… You need a car, vespa or boat, if not you’re kind of screwed or at least let’s put it this way – you’re not going to enjoy it as much. So which two are the beaches for me? Easy as always In Casa on Calvi Plage and then Villa Schweppes at Mar A Beach. What’s really nice with the latter is that you ride the boat over from Calvi harbour. Let’s a sneak peak at my iPhone album:


Ibiza June 2016

This time we felt like doing the beauty Formentera on a Vespa.  First stop was a lunch at my favorite spot Juan y Andrea on Playa de Illetas, where I always order langoustines. Nom nom. After a few hours of good food and company we drove to the Cap de Barbaria to see the light house and a cave. To round off we drove all the way to Talaya oPlatja Migjorn beach, that was a pure treasure…


Ibiza 2016

There’s just something about sunsets. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I believe its indefinite various shape of moods and painting perfection, fascinates me. It’s actually one of my favorite things to photograph when I’m on vacay, even though I feel like I never manage to catch all the colors and nuances that I want.

For this occasion the coordinates 38°52’34.0″N 1°13’41.1″E, next to Cala d’Hort, showed us the direction to catch the sunset over Es Vedrà. As it tends to be a few more people going there at the same time to get a last grasp of the beauty. So make sure you arrive about 45 min before the sunset (around 9.15 PM during the summer) plus a bottle of wine (and be prepared to find a parking space in the middle of nowhere and drive off roads). Good luck!

Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016the beauty during the dayIbiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 201630 min before the sunset
Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016felt like “Ronja Rövardotter” when jumping over thisIbiza June 2016and so it starts
Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016Ibiza June 2016not too shabbyIbiza June 2016en euphoric jump