Vacay mood

SORRY for lack of updates but I’m still working on a project that I will tell you more about later. Meaning, I haven’t stopped blogging, just reprioritizing slightly as my full time job is currently 24/7. So don’t worry I’m still taking photos, documenting and planning beautiful guides for you, maybe even on Swedish (!!). Until then, I’m drifting away to our winter holidays that’s around the corner that this year will be spent somewhere warm and exotic. Simply can’t wait to go!! Style wise I’m sort of planning this Baywatch boho babe look. Where do you reckon I can get a high cut swimsuit and bohemian straw hat? Thank you for all your help!!



Corsica August 2014
Finally off to South of France for some well-needed vacation! Can’t wait to get my tan going as my best accessory for the summer. Here in a H&M TREND swimsuit a scarf from VERSACE x HM COLAB 2012.