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Stockholm April 2017

THIS is one of my favorite spots in Stockholm at Djurgården. Oaxen Slip is originally a fancy restaurant out in the Swedish archipelago, where they since a few years back brought the more low key bistro concept into the city yet a bit off shore to maintain the calmness and harmony, right next to water. And as yummie as always, where I prefer to brunch (herrings what else?).


Min favoritpärla i Stockholm ligger ute på Djurgården. För som känner till Oaxen från skärgården då har ni stads varianten här, ett bistro för den som gillar det lite mer low key och nära till havet, och lika gott som alltid!


Paris Fashion Week SS15
BYE bye Freshnet! It’s about time to take the next step and go independent after 5 years with Fashion Networks. It’s been a fantastic trip in between Stockholm, London and Paris and NYC.  From now on you will find me on in English AND Swedish (!!). I’m very excited about this step, so please come with me and explore the world together. Also for your info, I’m still working on the design so it’s not 100 yet, but I felt it was better to launch it and improve it together!

Hej-då Freshnet! Det är på tiden att jag tar nästa steg och skaffar min egna blogg efter 5 år med Fashion Networks. Det varit en härlig trip mellan magiska städer och modeupplevelse i Stockholm, London, Paris och NYC. Från och med NU kan ni hitta mig på både på engelska och svenska (!!). Jag är superglad över det här steget så snälla snälla kom med mig och följ med på nya äventyr. Och för er info, designen är inte 100 än, men jag kände att det var lika så bra att lansera bloggen så kan vi förbättra den ihop!! Kom så kör vi!!


ph Styleograph, Paris 2014


Ibiza June 2016

IT’S raining in Paris and the town is dead as it’s the official vacation month in France. As I changed jobs not too long ago I choose to work. However, I can’t help myself drifting away to a sunny beach with background music and delicious food. All your lovely insta photos are not helping – but keep them coming!

As you know I love food, however I rarely over eat (unless someone is putting sweets in front of me, I can go bananas…) and that’s why most things are considered healthy. Maybe you seen that I try to stay away from any certain diets? It’s simply because I don’t believe in them and honestly I don’t have time to suffer nor plan my social food life (can you even be spontaneous then?). With that said I still buy organic and near produced food. Seldom processed food, I’m more on home made stuff as I want build myself strong from the inside. Also, I try not to eat carbs in the evening, which helps you to stay in shape. But you have to work out, whatever works for you. It’s probably the key to any joy or at least for me!! So today I’m dreaming back to this nacho platter that I had in Ibiza with home made nachos and dips, and yes I think it’s healthy!


Copenhagen June 2016

When in Copenhagen, the first thing I absolutely most have is their magic Smørrebrød. A few weeks ago when I was there (haven’t had the time to write about that, but…) I had these four.  Nom nom!