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Costa Rica Dec 16

DAYS are starting to melt together.. and if I remember correctly I kicked off the day with yoga in front of the North Pacific Ocean. Such a pinch me moment. After the meditation, we took a boat out to see the Isla de Tortuga. Here we stayed there all day long being lazy on the beach.


Dagarna börjar att smälta ihop… Om jag kommer ihåg korrekt började jag dagen med yoga framför Still havet. Helt galet härlig upplevelse och så vackert att du får lust att nypa dig själv i armen. Efter mediation för kropp och själv var det dags att ta en båt ut till. Här stannade vi hela dagen på stranden och bara lata oss i solen.


Birthday at the Castle July 2016

A few weekends ago we were all invited to celebrate Jessica’s birthday on a magic getaway in our friend’s castle. A bit of a pinch-me-moment, where everything around you is just surreally beautiful and slightly dreamy as in Disney’s Cinderella film. During the day we didn’t do much but hanging by the pool, having plenty of Aperol spritz and a delicious lunch. For the evening we switched it up with “One Thousand and One Nights” costumes and revel in Indian food. Oh, well what can I say? “What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… Completely wonderful…”


stockholm 2012.


nice 2012.

FROM the best worlds Stockholm + Nice. puss!



VOILÀ a Mini (mini) Paris guide from me to you! Think like a day or so.

Hotel Costes

239 Rue Saint Honoré


Always have dinner here when you arrive to Paris. If you’re looking for something very French and dressing up among fashion people this is the place to go. I truely recommend their Omelette even though it’s the cheapest on their menu it’s AMAZING. Also don’t forget to take their vanilla ice-cream.


213 Rue Saint-Honoré
paris may 2012.

Best shop ever with all the designer brand you could ask for yet fun and silly stuff that’s not too pricey but gives you just uneccessary cravings. Not only for shop get inspired.


101 Rue Vieille du Temple
paris may 2012.
Actually found this fab lunch place this go around. Very fresh and crispy with très cool servants. I recommend the burrata salad or today’s fish plate with some dry rosé.

Pink Flamingo

105 Rue Vieille du Temple
paris may 2012.

You have to go here and have pizza and drinks in their bus. It’s actually located next to Glou – so why no do two in one?


75 Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Paris oldest macaroon maker. Their original shop is located on Champes de Lycée and I strongly recommend you go. My favorite cake is frambois passion with of course some tea.

Café de Flore

172 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite café. Do I have to say more? Very old school traditional French cafe/bistro that everyone needs to visit. Yet overpriced but could be fun to see.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Amazing park. Romantic. Romantic. Romantic. Come here with a book and sit under a tree. Read for each other, feed each other with macaroons. Or just talk stroll through the never ending paradise. Why not a picnic with friends? A must.


8 Rue St Croix la Bretonnerie
PARISBEST vintage shop. If you find something don’t hesitate getting it. Why? Because it will for sure be gone next time you check. The turn over is crazy. People shop like it’s there lunch. Why? It’s cheap and so good.

Vintage Bar
16 Rue de la Verrerie paris may 2012.

If this picture is not giving you Chanel cravings I dont know what would. This Chanel vintage mania. Check it out if you’re looking for a catch!

Pierre Cadiot Bijoux

Rue des Archives (one block North from Rue St Croix de la Bretonnerie)

Perfect bijoux shop in Paris (no photo to show you but trust me). They have the cutest most wearable gold and silver jewerly in the world. Don’t know how I could live without them. I just have too much from here. So go go go! And they are so nice.


riviera may 2012.
TODAY I did some bad ass vintage shopping. I just couldn’t help myself! Nice – you gotta stop raping my wallet with such great vintage stores. AAAhhhh crap now I’m stuck with these two (aaamaziiing) dresses and a slightly thinner wallet (BIG crap)… maybe lucky me? X


riviera may 2012.riviera may 2012.riviera may 2012.riviera may 2012.riviera may 2012.
YESTERDAY we took a trip to Villefranche and it looked something like this. Enjoy! X


riviera may 2012.riviera may 2012.
BROTHER love and me from yesterday’s celebration. Tons of Lebanese food and dance all night long. My feet cant barely move today but totally worth it considering I missed my brother’s bday last year! Lu! x