Everyday belongings

Thank you for all your support. It really means a lot. I’m finally in good care here in Paris with a new doctor, new medicine and lots of resting, rather than moving around as first told by UCL. This really shows how important it is to have the right treat and doctor straight away. Firstly, to heal correctly and secondly, not to get bad side effects from taking the wrong dos or medication.

Today is my first day feeling slightly better! I woke up around 5pm and since then I have been scrolling through Instagram to see all the amazing PFW shows and street style inspirations. Only this already makes me feel better and happier. Then, I looked at photos taken before the accident that was actually planned to be posted on Thursday last week. So this is a post-post so to say. I thought I share my favorite everyday belongs. As you know I love my simple gold bijoux. The cross necklace is from the American JENNIFER ZEUNER jewelry designer, bangle by HERMES, arrow ring from CHLOE and coordinate bangle by MERIDIAN.

Last but not least my new motto: No business travels ever again, especially not with a damaged back.



Somewhere in my mind I will always be playing with the idea that I lived during the 60’s and 70’s, which isn’t really the reality being a true 80’s kid. However, I love glorifying the eras of Woodstock and Dallas. Lucky me this seems to be exactly what this Spring/Summer 2015 is all about. Speaking color palettes, romantic over volumed blouses, mini-dresses, flared pants, luggage-colored leather goods and gold jewelry – I’m game. For my February List (you find my other LISTS here) my major inspiration comes not too unexpected from LOUIS VUITTON, SAINT LAURENT, ACNE STUDIOS, GUCCI and EMILIO PUCCI.

18-karat gold, diamond and ruby earring by NATASHA ZINKO

Monogramme cross bag by SAINT LAURENT

Crocheted cotton mini dress by BALMAIN

1970 eau de parfum by BELLE FREUD

Suede knee-boots by EMILIO PUCCI

Suede trench coat by GUCCI

Sunnies by CHLOÉ

ph Net-a-Porter, Belle Freud