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May 2, 2017


StockholmStockholm Guide CAN’T get enough! Thanks Non Solo Bar, xNW

May 22, 2016


Food, ParisParis Guide When you end up at your friend’s place late night, talk about life and other nonsense the entire night, you simply crave a breakfast meal at KB Cafe Shop in South of Pigalle. Nom nom. xNW

April 9, 2016


Food, ParisParis Guide My favorite break of the day, Café Kitsuné dans le jardin du Palais-Royal. xNW

April 1, 2016


Food, StockholmStockholm Guide When I go back home I always eat so healthy. I know I always complain when being abroad that my stomach feels swollen or that I can’t find enough organic food in my deli, and partly that is true and partly I believe is psychological. If you’re looking for some of the best salads in Stockholm and […]

March 5, 2016


AmsterdamAmsterdam Guide Orario di partenza: entro le ore 11.00. This week I’ve been doing work in Amsterdam and I decided to stay for the weekend to explore it a bit more. Today we kicked off the day at the cute PLUK cafe. Absolutely love every little corner of the 9 Streets area.

February 10, 2015


Food, ParisParis Guide Speaking about coffee shops and perfect brewed coffee there’s always Frenchie-to-Go, also in the 2nd arrondissement. Actually, this is my first place I popped by when moving to Paris in the summer of 2013. Still going strong. Alright back to work! Hope you’re having a good Tuesday so far. xNW

February 8, 2015


Food, ParisParis Guide

The hunt for a perfect coffee is always on my mind, especially when in Paris since there’s so few of them. A recent new-opened coffee shop around the corner from me in the 2nd arrondissement is Matamata. Here you get perfect brewed coffee and a cute brunch like this.

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