Nathalie Willebrand


Paris Sept 2016

IN between our search for new scandi furnitures and the perfect t-shirt, a pitstop at Rachel’s was obligatory. It’s a restaurant as well as a shop in the Marais on rue du Pont aux Choux where I love to recharge my batteries for the moment. Yesterday they suggested I try a cappuccino done on coconut milk, I mean why not?




IT’S been raining two days in a row in Paris and you can really call this the “Back to Work” week or as they call it here “La Rentrée”. For some reason I’m craving sequins and glam. Sort of drifting away to a 80’s chic disco somewhere in a New York, where the music never stops nor the dance moves or bubbles on that glowing dance floor of them. Today’s glitter mood pep from my Pinterest



Paris August 2016

MONDAY-heyday! Today I’m wearing these hot babes from Saint Laurent that my lovely family brought me as a gift when they stayed with me in Paris a few weeks ago. It’s a pair of pointy lace-up flats in suede that are indescribably comfortable. I wear them day and night. Perfect for work or evening look. Believe it or not but my heels been on the shelves since then… Thanks again my sweet family!



Paris August 2016

BONJOUR from Le Marais! My favorite hood on Sundays where all cute shops are still open and not closed compared to the rest of Paris (it’s changing though after the new French law allows people to work on the weekend). Another reason for loving the area is that you have the best brunch places around. Unfortunately, my mission wasn’t completed as Merci wasn’t open today when I wanted to get shirt (that I’ve been craving forever) from Comme des Garçons. Well, I guess it can wait…

Sunglasses | PRADA    Knit top | H&M    Crossbag | GIVENCHY    Denim shorts | LEVI’S    Braclet | GIVENCHY  Derby shoes | LACOSTE



Birthday at the Castle July 2016

A few weekends ago we were all invited to celebrate Jessica’s birthday on a magic getaway in our friend’s castle. A bit of a pinch-me-moment, where everything around you is just surreally beautiful and slightly dreamy as in Disney’s Cinderella film. During the day we didn’t do much but hanging by the pool, having plenty of Aperol spritz and a delicious lunch. For the evening we switched it up with “One Thousand and One Nights” costumes and revel in Indian food. Oh, well what can I say? “What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… Completely wonderful…”


Paris August 2016This week has just flew by! Mucho inspired by my pales in Stockholm after the flawless fashion week and so so missy that I couldn’t there with you. However, I have to though say that I’m still quite happy here in Paris, especially when waking up to this in my opinion not too shabby romantic-seductive morning blindness. Love you all!



Bois de Boulogne Aug 2016
THIS was pretty much my weekend outfit. A few beach items that sort of brings me back to my childhood when the 70’s retro sport trend was big (I’m born on the 80’s so kind of looked up to my older cousins). Since when did you last see anyone in Ellesse? When I found them I just had to get them, want the same just surf into Asos. Absolutely love the vintage feeling they brought back and I also wish they would relaunch their retro ski pants called the Jet Pant from the 70’s!

Cropped top | ELLESSE    Denim skirt | ZARA    Headband | H&M    Slides | ELLESSE    iPhone case | CAFÉ KITSUNÉ


Bois de Boulogne Aug 2016

PARIS is literally on fire! Saturday took the record with its windless +38 C degrees. We just had to escape the city. So we jumped on our scooter and drove to Bois de Boulogne, which is a humongous park right outside Paris after the 16th arrondissement. Out here we rented a rowing boat and enjoyed the lake called Inférieur. If you’re wondering what I’m wearing it’s simply my favorite H&M swimsuit (not sure when I got it but it’s probably about 5 years old), their fits on swimsuits are just the best (still using my lime green zipped down version that you can see here).

Shades | RAY-BAN    Swimsuit | H&M    Headband | H&M