Home sweet home!! Never been more happy to see Stockholm! Amazing time are waiting and lots of fooood. xx



Today it’s Lucia (a Swedish tradition) which we’re celebrating with candels in our hairs. Flashback from my 5 year old debute! Enjoy Friday 13th…


Bye bye cocktail aug 2013

I’m still smiling from last night. You guys are simply the best and I feel so fortune to have so many fantastic friends and family. Last night I had my bye bye cocktail @Nosh and Chow‘s backyard until they closed. I seriously couldn’t have wished for a better night! Thank you all and to Lill Lindqvist and Nosh and Chow for making this happen! More about my coming adventures in Paris soon but first pics from last night, xx

Bye bye cocktail aug 2013Alex, Sandra and Peter in da houseBye bye cocktail aug 2013my Chanel obsessionBye bye cocktail aug 2013Viggy and CC were thereBye bye cocktail aug 2013Michaela, me and my motherBye bye cocktail aug 2013and daddy cool with Lina and Emma Bye bye cocktail aug 2013me and Joakim blurry Bye bye cocktail aug 2013Carro and Joakim Bye bye cocktail aug 2013Linda, me and JohanBye bye cocktail aug 2013dance timeBye bye cocktail aug 2013my best Joakim and ChristianBye bye cocktail aug 2013Bye bye cocktail aug 2013So long!


Bye bye dinner aug 2013Bye bye dinner aug 2013Yesterday my girls had an adorable bye bye dinner for me @Sturehof before my cocktail. Love you so much! Say hello to Viggy, Linda, Lina, Caroline and Michaela! X


Animal House Party

I’m out traveling and haven’t had wifi for days. But finally!! Here’s more photos from Svante’s party. Think college party, red cups and pizza slices. Probably the best party so far this year. Enjoy!

Animal House PartyAnimal House Partymiss foxyAnimal House Partysnack timeAnimal House PartyCaroline was home from NYCAnimal House PartyAnimal House PartyAnimal House PartySvante, foxy, me and MichaelaAnimal House Partyshoes shoes shoesAnimal House PartySteffi and JosefineAnimal House PartyAnimal House talksAnimal House PartyAnimal House Partywhen it was time to take off we had this rad party bus to picking us upAnimal House Partyblue is the new blackAnimal House Partymore fun @Fou


animal house party
Me and Michaela at Svante’s Animal House party! Have you seen the movie? Well if not think collage party and red cups. Here’s just a snapshot from the dance floor but stay tuned there’s more to come, xx


summer Sundaysme and Carro with the Oliveira brothers summer SundaysCarola and her friend

summer Sundays
Sunday prepping for Prince @Blom with this awesome people! Bad ass ticket didn’t work (used or some bs) but I got the hear some of the beats so I had a good time anyway. Guess that’s what happens when you’re late out… xx




le weekendle weekendle weekend

Spending my weekend tanning, cooking and relaxing with family. When I go here I’m always playing with these sweethearts Stella and Happy. Stella has the darker look and Happy is almost white. They’re just so beautiful and cozy I want to eat them or bring them home. Maybe just borrow one of them for a week? I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and that you’re doing something fun and crazy today like going to the Prince gig. X


July 2013July 2013July 2013July 2013
Summer is kicking ass in Stockholm. Tropical weekend with Karin and the dogs, x


Cat GoldieBerries
Best way to start the weekend with this beauty Goldie and fresh berries..

Now off to Färingsö! x