Lacoste tennis shoe SS16
Say hello to our new court sneakers from the LACOSTE SS16 collection. They come in white nappa leather among other colors with punched holes and tanned lining. Did I hear tennis is back?


Maison Kitsuné t-shirt
Popped by MAISON KITSUNÉ’S new shop on Boulevard Beaumarchais, where they have the store and coffee shop integrated into one. Found this corky Parisen T-shirt on the sales that I believe will be my rescue this summer when I don’t know what to wear!




Paris June 15

Hello from Palais Royal! Yesterday it was La Fête de la Musique in Paris where people are playing music in ever single corner, which is quite fantastic. We started off in Jardin du Palais Royal to then finished off at Institut Suèdois in Le Marais, where they had combined Midsummer celebration and Beatrice Eli performance. It was my best Sunday in a long time!

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Coco Chanel 60s tweed jacket

This morning was like waking up to a cut from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. My boyfriend looking at me all mischievous and silly, without saying a word, so I decide to break the silence by saying: “Whaaat? What’s up with that face? What I’ve done?”. Sure enough there’s nothing behind that childish puppy face but he’s own excitement. With no further explanations, nor answers, he let me hang there for some good extra 30 seconds before he stumbles forward with a package behind his back, covered up in a black and white printed silk paper, to then literally shoot it in front of my nose (so I can’t see a shit) and goes: “Here!” and I’m like: “Okaay, what’s thiiis?”, meanwhile I start shaking the package (a tradition I had since I was a kid) and he says: “Just open it, you will never guess!”… And there she is, my first real tweed COCO CHANEL jacket from the 60’s era, when Gabrielle Coco Chanel was still alive. A bob shaped jacket with it’s extraordinary details that my camera does a much better job of showing and retelling than I do in words. Did I hear orange is the new black?


Paris June 15
One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is Loup on rue du Louvre. I go here for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee. Everything they serve is organic and so good. It doesn’t hurt that it’s located in the sun too… If I don’t know what to pick I always go with this classic salmon tartare and a fresh squeezed juice. Nom nom.


Paris June 15My latest beauty purchases from MAVALA – a super base to protect my nails and a white nail polish. What’s really good with the base is that you can also use it on its own if you’re looking just to have a healthy clear nail result with a bit of a shine in it. For me however it’s Geneva white this summer.



Carrie + Mr. Big sweater and TOD'S slippers

This is what I’m living in at the moment a CARRIE + MR BIG sweater from the Swedish brand MANNERS APPAREL and nougat colored nappa slippers from TOD’S.



Paris May 2015

My best friend Meggie from New York came to Paris to explore the city of lights. It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve seen each other – so talk about missed! We met up in le Marais at Les Chouettes for dinner and wine. It’s one of my favorite restaurants where there’re four floors and each level has its own bar with an amazing, about 15 meters, free view on a glass roof surrounded by incredible interior. After the dinner more people joined and we took off to the Ballroom and Le Pompon for some dancing – très chouette!