paris may 2012.

ūüáęūüá∑ Paris, you took me with storm one warm fall evening in Saint-Germain-des-Pr√©s at the Caf√© de Flore terrace, back in 2013. I don’t remember much from that night but what I do know is that I woke up with a big red smile on my lips the following day. You directly opened up your arms and unconditionally gave me everything without any judgmental questions – from true love, warm friendships who accepted me for who I (bizarrely) am, an additional carrying family to overdoses of art, architecture, philosophy, culture and mode. Then came winter and on my menu was¬†true French men, the beautiful French language, true romance, late dusty nights, a new best friend and tr√®s bon red vine. When melancholia was about to take over, snow luckily melted into spring and joy flirted his way through ’til summer with croissants, macaroons and chocolate, under his arm. When sunny afternoons turned into friendly ap√©ros with never ending ros√©, cheese, baguettes, coffee and cigarettes – any possible sight of a free brasserie corner outdoor terrace was worth everything single¬†champagne bubble laughter, where we would be constantly surrounded by intangible style, grace and fashion porn. Paris, you will always be ūüáęūüá∑#prayforparis #jesuisterrasse¬†#merci

ph Paris 2012, 2 arrondissement


Paris October 2015Waking up to a shoe made of chocolate is never a bad idea, especially when it’s from your boyfriend. Talk about knowing me well. Do I dear digging into it?



Paris September 2015

Literally! My (crazy) boyfriend always like to come up with new¬†things to do, which works pretty well for me. As most of you know, I don’t like to sit still for too long unless I’m caught up in creating¬†mood boards, planning a dinner party¬†or something in general that find ridiculously brilliant or reading and cutting in fabulous magazines… This past weekend I woke up with a curious face next to me saying:¬†“Do want to go to Deauville and then fly helicopter back?”… “Hell yeah!” what else was I suppose to say..? Sure enough the moment after I agreed on going out there I regret it… The closer we got to Deauville, the more¬†nervous I got. But like with everything, there’s a first time for all and my theory is as simple as “you-just-got-to-do-it” (without thinking about the consequences). And for the first¬†five seconds I actually thought I was going to die but weirdly enough that changed as fast as it gotten there,¬†once¬†up in the air I felt like home. Flying in to Paris and landing with having the¬†Eiffel tour in front of me,¬†was probably the sickest things I’ve ever done! You just have to do it if you get the chance!! It was Legoland all over again.



Paris Septembre 2015

Back in Paris and couldn’t be happier to enjoy a “salade de ch√®vre chaud” at La Fronde¬†and catch up with friends on their summer adventures. I’m also starting to plan my fall closet buys and there’s quite a few things¬†that’s now starting to add up to a very long list… How about you, how’s your return to work¬†and fall¬†been?


BK Rive GaucheFrom September the 3rd to October the 17th,  Brooklyn is coming to Rive Gauche at Le Bon Marché. If in Paris I highly suggest you go there and check it out. It will be everything from clothing, accessories, interior to food Рit will be kind of lovely things from this Manhattan side-kick creative island. Good in French or just looking for inspiration? Check out the magazine here.



Hotel Amour

8 Rue Navarin, 75009 Paris

Paris July 2015

When your looking for a place with a¬†good ambivalence, lavish¬†backyard with fountains pouring water in the background and glas ceiling covered by tropical plants, this is a perfect spot for your ‘ap√©ros’ as they call teir ‘after work’ in Paris. To that I normally get some starters like the couteux on the photo with¬†baguette.¬†


Paris guide

I thought I start sharing more mini-guides on my blog again. First out today is a favorite concept boutique in Le Marais called TOM GREYHOUND at 19 Rue de Saintonge. A two floor space with international multi high-end designer brands from all over the world. Slightly reminds me Opening Ceremony but still different enough, in a good way.


Paris July 2015


I’m on the outlook for a new bag, coulda woulda shoulda?

Dinner at Hotel Amour is always a good idea.

When it’s raining in Paris it’s still beautiful.

At Radio roof where my friend Malin DJ’s.

Last minute drink turned in to a house party.

My bf surprised me on the street <3