Valentines Day 2016

Two weekends ago it was Valentine’s, the heart day. This we celebrated with a dinner at the legendary reopened Les Bains Douches in the 2nd arrondissement. Great quality and service. I did however prefer the bar upstair to downstairs – good thing though is that the pool is back and I dare you next time! Oh, and just before we hit the restaurant my boyfriend surprised me with some soft gifts. One of them was this cosy knit from Paul & Joe that I absolutely adore. Last year he gave me something yellow too, do you remember? Wondering if this is the new black?


Paris Feb 2016

When in Paris and the rain is tumbling down there’s only a few things you really like to do and that’s to run or hide, right? Unless it’s summer, warm and frankly quite cosy and romantic to get cough in the rain. Besides from that, watching a movie or cuddling up in front of an open fire would be kind of nice preferred options. Regardless what it is you prefer doing when the sky is covered in up tears there’s times you actually still want to get outside and do something, simply cause you’re full of energy. That’s kind of how we felt this weekend, so instead of staying in we though we check out Ralph’s restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In this American corner of Boulevard Saint Germain, we were met by a very cosy and warm interior that made us feel just like being inside of a hunter cottage in North America. On the menu were American hunter salads, club sandwiches and burgers – all that you could ask for really a day like this! To then finish up with apple crumble, vanilla ice cream and caramelized popcorn, didn’t make our lives any easier. Shortly said, if you need a place to hide yourself from the rain this is the place!


2005 new year’s eve in Paris, 11ème arrondissement.


Paris Jan 2016
I attempt to do this more often, to share my sweet spots around the world and make your trip more fun and less typical touristic (even though some of the klichés you actually have to do). Mostly my ideas just ends up being as saved ‘unposted’ blog notes… But not today! Lately there have been many new restaurants popping up in Paris and I thought we have look at my three favorites at the moment.

OBER MAMMA 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir or 133 Rue du Fb St Antoine, 75011 Paris
There are two of them, one in Oberkampf and one in Bastille, but still both in the 11th arrondissement. One of the few places you actually can’t make a reservation so if you’re looking to get seated normal time you need to be there 15 minutes before they open at 6pm as there will be a line. Ones inside they’ll take your name and you wait in the bar area where free unlimited cheese and ham platter is served until you get your table. Choose from yummy Italian pre-drinks and when they open up the kitchen by 7pm, get some burrata cheese and meatballs.

BUVETTE 28 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
If you been to West Village the last year you may have already came across this offshoot restaurant before, as it’s the older brother. Luckily, there’s one now in the 9th arrondissement on the same block as Hôtel Amour. Same thing here small, cozy and no reservations. Sharing is caring, right? Well, you got to be fast when dining here, as they’re so delicious and they seem to disappear as soon as you turn around. Get Spanish and French small dishes to share. And don’t forget the buttery high calorie bomb of chocolate in the end.

LA MARÉE JEANNE 3 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris
New fantastic seafood restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement. You can book a table if you like but I highly suggest you try the bar. Not only does it feel more casual and genuine but you can see the kitchen too. I don’t know why but I just love that. Trying to remember what I did have last time… I know to go for three plates and remembering it being so good!


Paris Jan 2016

Latest Vogue Paris, some gluten free toasts from M&S (you have to try them!) and some heat from Diptyque.




Saturday was spent shopping and culturally engaging. Then a quick stop at the Pinacothèque to see Karl Lagerfeld’s photography exhibition, lighten up my weekend. A journey through his life and as he so nicely puts it:

“J’ai le bonheur de pouvoir consacrer ma vie à ce qui m’intéresse le plus : la photographie, la mode et les livres, et ce dans les meilleurs et plus parfaites conditions. Je suis très chanceux.”

Karl Lagerfeld