Paris August 2016This week has just flew by! Mucho inspired by my pales in Stockholm after the flawless fashion week and so so missy that I couldn’t there with you. However, I have to though say that I’m still quite happy here in Paris, especially when waking up to this in my opinion not too shabby romantic-seductive morning blindness. Love you all!



Bois de Boulogne Aug 2016
THIS was pretty much my weekend outfit. A few beach items that sort of brings me back to my childhood when the 70’s retro sport trend was big (I’m born on the 80’s so kind of looked up to my older cousins). Since when did you last see anyone in Ellesse? When I found them I just had to get them, want the same just surf into Asos. Absolutely love the vintage feeling they brought back and I also wish they would relaunch their retro ski pants called the Jet Pant from the 70’s!

Cropped top | ELLESSE    Denim skirt | ZARA    Headband | H&M    Slides | ELLESSE    iPhone case | CAFÉ KITSUNÉ


Bois de Boulogne Aug 2016

PARIS is literally on fire! Saturday took the record with its windless +38 C degrees. We just had to escape the city. So we jumped on our scooter and drove to Bois de Boulogne, which is a humongous park right outside Paris after the 16th arrondissement. Out here we rented a rowing boat and enjoyed the lake called Inférieur. If you’re wondering what I’m wearing it’s simply my favorite H&M swimsuit (not sure when I got it but it’s probably about 5 years old), their fits on swimsuits are just the best (still using my lime green zipped down version that you can see here).

Shades | RAY-BAN    Swimsuit | H&M    Headband | H&M


Paris August 2016

MEANWHILE everyone is still on vacation I’m enjoying the empty streets and open tables. Luckily, a few fellows came back this week. However if you’re here in Paris (surviving the +37 degrees… I’m not) I suggest a fresh break at my favorite Hotel Plaza Athénée on Avenue Montaigne with its red awnings and French charm.



Ibiza June 2016

IT’S raining in Paris and the town is dead as it’s the official vacation month in France. As I changed jobs not too long ago I choose to work. However, I can’t help myself drifting away to a sunny beach with background music and delicious food. All your lovely insta photos are not helping – but keep them coming!

As you know I love food, however I rarely over eat (unless someone is putting sweets in front of me, I can go bananas…) and that’s why most things are considered healthy. Maybe you seen that I try to stay away from any certain diets? It’s simply because I don’t believe in them and honestly I don’t have time to suffer nor plan my social food life (can you even be spontaneous then?). With that said I still buy organic and near produced food. Seldom processed food, I’m more on home made stuff as I want build myself strong from the inside. Also, I try not to eat carbs in the evening, which helps you to stay in shape. But you have to work out, whatever works for you. It’s probably the key to any joy or at least for me!! So today I’m dreaming back to this nacho platter that I had in Ibiza with home made nachos and dips, and yes I think it’s healthy!


Photobooth Wedding Carl Maite June 2016
Sunday nostalgia when finding forgotten wedding photo booth photos in my book. Happy Sunday evening and sleep like baby!



Paris Instagram 2016
A few Instagram moments captured so far this spring:

First spring sign in Regent’s Park

Happy in my Prada shades at the Louvre

Something that  never grows old

Loewe window at Selfridges

Brother’s birthday dinner at Le Perchoir

Sea bass in Shoreditch

Bro and sis plus a Zlatan…

Out and about

Jogging by La Seine

Apéro with close friends

Best in town, Matamata coffee

Lunch outside



Paris May 2016
On Thursday night my little brother flew in to Paris and turned 30 by midnight, which we celebrated with a dinner at Gravity in 10th arrondissement. They simply do the best small plates ever, the people working here are charming like crazy and the menu changes every third day. A win-win concept in other words and skål from us!