New York


New York June 2013

Crazy Friday thunderstorms! It seriously rained the whole day non-stop! But what’s not better than spending the evening inside of Balthazar? Well that’s what I did in a black dress with silver zip in the back (see if I can get a better pic later) from H&M, new cashmere sweater in neon pink from J.Crew, bangle from Meridian and same pumps and jacket as always (kind of become my darlings lately). x


New York June 2013

New bangle added to my armparty from a brand called Meridian. Came across it when I was shopping at Intermix and I couldn’t resist it. On the outside it has the latitude of New York and on the inside see for yourself…  I really like a twist like this.x



New York June 2013

Some of you been asking about the print on my J.Crew pants. Well here’s a close-up of the thistle print. You can also get them here if you like. xx


New York June 2013
Britni me and Jessica

Elena Lyakir had her expo called Punctuated History this Thursday @The Highline Loft. I met up with some friends to go see it. If you haven’t been you should check out the photography that looks like drawings. xx
New York June 2013New York June 2013New York June 2013


New York June 2013
JCrew sale is killing it! Before going to an art gallery opening on Thursday I end up getting too many shoes and pants from their sale. The printed toothpick pants and tee I’m wearing are from JCrew, pumps Prada and the same good old leather jacket from H&M Trend. Now it’s time for breakfast in the sun. Hope you’ve been enjoying the weekend! x


New York June 2013

Kicking of city with a catch up coffee @La Colombe with foxy Lisa. A friend of mine that I got to know like three years ago at the Victoria’s Secret party. She was just so much fun and when she grabbed me with her big smile asking if me and my ex wanted to join her table I couldn’t resist!! Love people like this, so much great energy and spontaneity.


Touch down in NYC! How I missed the city and all of my friends here. Now it’s time to relaxed after a hectic week. X



Can’t wait for the beautiful cherry blossom to come…

ph. NYC, April 2010


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Hi everyone! How are you? I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what direction my blog should take – fashion, outfits, lifestyle, traveling, photography, inspiration, writing or a mix? I really like to know what you readers like the most here at the blog and maybe what you’re missing. Now you have the chance to tell me so give all what’s on your mind! Will be so much fun to hear especially since you guys mean so much to me. 1, 2, 3 and GO!!

ph. Brookly fleamarket by me,  BK May 2010


New York March 2013New York March 2013New York March 2013New York March 2013New York March 2013
Bye New York and I’ll see you in May! XO