August 15, 2016


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Calvi on the Rocks 2016

DURING the day there’s three beaches to cruise along, but really only two that’s worth going to (oops!!). So how to choose, well I kind of looked up the schedule and picked my DJ of the day that I wanted to move my body to. Don’t even try or think that you will actually joggle between them all, including a fancy lunch place off sight, every day… You need a car, vespa or boat, if not you’re kind of screwed or at least let’s put it this way – you’re not going to enjoy it as much. So which two are the beaches for me? Easy as always In Casa on Calvi Plage and then Villa Schweppes at Mar A Beach. What’s really nice with the latter is that you ride the boat over from Calvi harbour. Let’s a sneak peak at my iPhone album:

Calvi on the Rocks 2016
we clearly loved the hammockCalvi on the Rocks 2016this is when the line for body tattoos was reasonable…Calvi on the Rocks 2016Calvi on the Rocks 2016In Cava terrace is always a good idea to enjoy the music and cover from the burning sun 

Calvi on the Rocks 2016next stop Villa Schweppes
Calvi on the Rocks 2016probably better off staying at your boatCalvi on the Rocks 2016we did an attemptCalvi on the Rocks 2016




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