March 9, 2016


AmsterdamAmsterdam Guide

After four days in Amsterdam for work combined with a cheesy romantic weekend I thought I give you my mini-guide:


Marie-Stella-Maris Keizersgracht 357HS, 1016 EJ AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Soap, perfume and lovely cremes.


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Marble vintage Staalstraat 30, 1011 JM AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Well selected vintage pieces from the 50’s until now.

Van Ravenstein Keizersgracht 359, 1016 EJ AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016A lovely two flow store with Margiela, Loewe and other more high-end contemporary brands. Bottom floor have an outlet also, just a tip!

The Darling Runstraat 4, 1016 GK AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Boho chic mix of clothing, accessories and home decoration. Could I turn it into my apartment please?

Prinsheerlijk Antiek Prinsengracht 579, 1016 HT AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Next time I’m bringing my van and filling it up. Old antique furnitures and parts that’s right up my alley and anyone with a romantic gene.

OU Reestraat 16, 1016 DN AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Same hippie romantic vibes as at The Darling.

Episode Berenstraat 1, 1016 GG AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Awesome vintage, think Kiliwatch but half price. Fab, in other words.

SKINS Runstraat 11, 1016 GJ AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Get it right, get it here!

Local Service Keizersgracht 400, 1016 GB AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Women’s on one corner and Men’s on the other. Mid-level brands and lovely mix of buys.

The Frozen Fountain Prinsengracht 645, 1016 HV AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016This. Store. OMG! The table for +€8000 please get me drawling over something cheaper next time!

Denham Coffee Bar Prinsengracht 493, 1016 AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Accessories store with coffee, brilliant. However, not as big fan of the others but this particular one is great.

Gerda’s Runstraat 16, 1016 GK AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Flower to the people!

De Bijenkorf Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam

Departments store, next to the castle! Like any other but have everything you need.



De Kaaskamer Runstraat 7, 1016 GJ AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Said to the be the best cheese shop in Amsterdam and I agree. Damn!

The Cold Pressed Juicery Herengracht 245 1016 BH AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016From Nathalie to Nathalie. Perfect match in other words.

Pluk Reestraat 19, 1016 DM AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016This cafe is just the cutest ever and I recommend breakfast until 12pm or simply lunch. Go go go!

REE7 Reestraat 7, 1016 DM AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Same owner as Pluk but bit more edgy. Can’t go wrong!

Mossel & Gin Gosschalklaan 12, 1014 DC Amsterdam

Easy going hipster place in park, can’t wait to see it in the summer. Awesome service and the owner is very generous.

Urban Cacao Huidenstraat 30, 1016 AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Best hot chocolat in town!

Lotti’s at The Hoxton Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016€2 beer, €3.5 vine, great interior, music, bar and resto – can’t go wrong!

HPS Rapenburg 18, 1011 TX Amsterdam

Loved this bar. SO so so good. Service top notch!

Jansz at Pulitzer Hotel Reestraat 8, 1016 DN AmsterdamAmsterdam March 2016Old fashion, pharmacy-esque, blush pink velvet curtains, bubbles… Date time? Booked.

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