October 21, 2015




If you’re looking to spice up your fall/winter wardrobe and worried about that it’s going to cost you a fortune, I would suggest you to focus on the small things. Being very minimalistic in my taste, I’m a true believer that it’s all in the details and then how you style it. With small tweaks and major attention to details your old stuff will soon start transforming into something new and exotic, something that will make you send out a certain attitude and energy when walking down the street that makes you and other feel good. If it’s the actual styling, ‘spot on’ combination or the item itself, I don’t know but what I do know is that it is an intangible feeling called ‘style’. Regardless if you have it or not, here’s some of my favorite New York Fashion Week street moments back in September that gives me plenty of inspiration that I thought I share with you. Maybe you agree, maybe not. But hopefully it is more tangible!


  DrielyS-0973.0DrielyS-6492.0DrielyS-5785.0DrielyS-7018.0DrielyS-1105.0  DrielyS-2475.0       DrielyS-6978.0  DrielyS-0293.0DrielyS-2573.0DrielyS-1266.0DrielyS-5791.0 DrielyS-1124.0DrielyS-7311.0

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