March 1, 2015



London February 2015
Hello, I’m sorry for a slow update but I’ve injured myself really bad earlier this week. My friend and I accidently fell hard on my back and unlucky we landed so wrong that I had to go the hospital. Apparently, I got a fracture of the lumbar spine (lower back) had to spend most of my Friday on the hospital and then at friend’s place, since I couldn’t move. Finally back home, my boyfriend came from Paris to take care of me and my friends have been passing by with food, flowers and magazines today. I’m so touched and extremely happy over having such amazing friends. Of course, I couldn’t have timed it worst considering I’m flying out on Monday for a presentation. I truly hope I can sit by then otherwise I have to find a standing seat on the flight, whenever that was created… Anyway, I truly hope you’ve been having a much better week and start to your weekend than me!


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