January 21, 2014



People We Admire by Fotostrap

Fotostrap wrote this article on me a few weeks ago and I was happily suprised to find it. Thank you so much for the lovely cheering words!

Nathalie not only wears fashion, she lives fashion! Most of her style is based from her love of simplistic and minimalistic designs.  No matter where her travels take her, from New York to Paris to London, you can be sure Nathalie will always find the most trendy and unique fashions there!

All I want to do is to share my fashion point of view and spread some joy to this world. It really makes me so happy that you enjoy it and I’m so happy to have all my readers. To read the full atricle click HERE. Let’s continue this fab Tuesday (yeah it’s raining in Paris but let’s not think about that should we).

NathalieWillebrand @ Instagram