June 26, 2013



Midsummer 2013I finally got time to go through the photos from Midsummer! Here’s the best parts before my camera died – SO annoying but anyway I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you Poffa and Fredrik for making this weekend magic! xx

Midsummer 2013day mingleMidsummer 2013Midsummer 2013Linda and ErikMidsummer 2013typical Midsummer lunch – herring and vodkaMidsummer 2013Fredrik forced me…Midsummer 2013love their houseMidsummer 2013me, Linda and Emma on our way to the may poleMidsummer 2013dance timeMidsummer 2013Midsummer 2013back at the house again we all changed into swimsuitsMidsummer 2013yum yumMidsummer 2013Midsummer 2013BBQ the day after Midsummer can never go wrongMidsummer 2013probably the best burger everMidsummer 2013I never wanted to leave

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