February 17, 2013

Q&A 3


conocer gente ahora NYFW

tassazione plusvalenze opzioni binarie enter site It was really exciting to hear [radio interview]. What do work as today? (det var riktigt spännande att höra! 🙂 vad är det för jobb du har nu?)

I’m a Buyer.

http://carbonbikerepair.com.au/?encifkodf=guida-facile-opzioni-binarie&1ec=4f I just ran into your blog, and I loved it from the first moment! 🙂 I am wondering how you got the job you have today, what did you study?

https://www.gemeinde-stammham.de/destolo/1473 Hi Nathalie! I’m a new reader and interested in your background. How did you becaome a buyer and what education have you completed? My biggest dream is to work as a Buyer for fashion house and therefore I love to hear you best advice. Thank you for an inspiring blog. (Hej Nathalie! Jag är en ny läsare och därför lite intresserad av din bakgrund. Hur blev du inköpare och vad har du gått för utbildning? Min stora dröm är att arbeta som inköpare på ett stort modeföretag och därför mottages alla tips! Tack för en inspirerande blogg!)

I have a Master in BA from source site School of Business Stockholm University and Design and Pattern certficate from go site Tillskärarakademin fashion school, where I created two collections. During this time I won a scholarship to study abroad in New York. This, while writing a fashion blog and reporting from NYFW for Modette magazine and later on Metro newspaper, took me into the fashion world through contacts. I started working for two major fashion houses, where I learned almost everything about shoes from scratch. My tips to you is to get a Bachelor degree and during that time take as many internships as possible.  In this way you will get a better understanding in what position and company you like. You will also make the most valuable contacts here. Follow your dreams, network, do everything with a smile and have a humble attitude.

dating antique ball jars What does your job actually entail?

Working as a buyer generally entail buying collections for your customer i.e. high-end, contemporary, commerical fashion for women, men etc. Morever, you  constantly have be on top of trends, do a lot of trend spotting, go to fashion weeks, inspiration and production trips,  studying your customer and competitors closely, brainstorming campaigns and follow-up on sales numbers.

source url Will I ever have a internship with you when you work?

That would be fantastic. When I lived in US I use to get a lot’s of my interns through my blog and I loved it. Today my company is more restrictive but you can always email me or HR.

go You seem to travel, work and have a lot of fun around you. How do you manage to workout and what do you practice? ( click here Du verkar resa mycket, jobba mycket och ha en massa roligt för dig. Hur får du tid över till att träna och vad tränar du?)

That’s a good question!! When I travel I always bring a pair of running shoes. So I can’t escape 😉 and it’s actually a great way to see a new city. Otherwise I love dancing, especially ballet. However it’s difficult to maintain a routine and therefore I compensate with yoga, zumba and core.

How do you prioritez when your mega stressed? (Hur prioriterar du utan att bli megastressad?)

I make two lists. One list with quick “to-dos” and the other list with longer “to-dos”. Then I start working off the lists by checking three things off the quick to-do-list and then one on the thougher to-do-list. And then I go on like that until finished. I love to-do lists! Almost obsessed. Kind of gives me energy and keeps me motivated once I see all the pink check marks. Makes sense? Oh and always eat good and work-out!!

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