November 14, 2012

Q&A 1


rencontres fhp 2014 Hi! Your hair! Products, routine, etc, perhaps tips on how to not go crazy and cut it all off when one is growing it long haha.

source Hi! You’re right I don’t know how many times I’ve gone nuts and wanted to cut it all off all (especially summer time when my hair is like fur). However I managed to keep it. First it started out as a silly bet that I’m going to break my personal record in the end of 2010 and then I’ve just kept it. Right now I think I look better in long hair but who knows maybe it’s all gone tomorrow like Daria’s.

Routines: I think the most important is to not wash it too often. I’d say not more than 3 times a week. This can be tricky especially if you work out. What you could do then is to wash your hair with water and then finish it with conditioner. Simply skip the shampoo. Also super important to only use conditioner in the ends and not on the scalp. After washing my hair I use something to protect my hair from heath  (only in the ends). Hair mask once a month is necessary.

Products: Paul Mitchelle or Aussie Mate – shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment. zeit kennenlernen sie sucht ihn Portion 9 Sebastian – styling treatment. Brazilian hair oil.

enter YES, such a beauty!!! What curler do use to get your curls? (Vilken tång använder du för att få dessa lockar?)

Aww thanks! I use heating coils for my curls here HERE. I know it’s super old school but it’s the best! Let it stay in for 20-30 minutes while doing your make-up and nails. Then blow cold air and spray with L’oreal Elnett Satin before you take out the coils. Don’t brush! Just separate the curls with your fingers accordingly. /1988/CRUISER-YACHT-INC./3170/32-FT /2006/SEA-RAY/240-SUNDECK/24-FT/details-5931579/contact-form?contactFormToken=dmtsZHJkaGplZnV0a3RudWplbnJkYmRqfE5Ua3pNVFUzT1RvNg== - Se volete conoscere le opzioni binarie e capire come iniziare passo dopo passo, non vi resta che leggere la nostra guida alle Your hair is incredibly beautiful! How do get so rich? Earlier my hair use to be super rich but now I’ve lost hair from time to time :/(Ditt hår är så otroligt vackert! Hur får du det så tjockt? Har tidigare haft jättetjockt hår men har tappat i omgångar:/)

Wow you’re too nice. Actually I believe it’s in my family both mom and dad with the rest of the family have great hair. My tip is to try not to stress, eat healthy, eat carrots and twice a year take a cure of hair nutrition that you can buy go site HERE. How often do you cut your hair. It’s so beautiful. source (Hur ofta klipper du dig? Ditt hår är superfint.)

I rarly cut my hair, probably 2-3 times a year. But I try to take care of it with hair treatments and vitamins.

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