March 5, 2012



TEEN years ago we were 15 classmates from my high school deciding on going to Brussels – within just five weeks we would to complete an entire school year of French. IMPRESSIVE intense (read French school systems)! So we’re in our second year and I can’t believe our parents are letting us go… But of course as always with school the nerdy side of me somehow made me pass the Delf certificates and as a plus I learned how to like beer. Duvel soon became my favorite – if not in old town at a spinning floor (yes it’s a Belgium thing almost like a carousel with a Chicago feel to it – dont ask why but it’s awesome) we spent most of our time downtown and in the club Louise Gallery (okay we’re talking teen years ago now so if you dare even to say anything I kill you). What else? I shared room with Carro and Lollo in a three floor apartment with the sweetest host family ever, not far from Schuman station – where the European Parliament headquarter is located. Beside that we visit Antwerpen – which is a MUST for any fashion deek (I wish I had studied or at least spent one or two years there). Then we saw Brough that’s way overrated (s o r r y). Because in the end it all comes down their amazing Belgium chocolate, waffles and perfect sized city… Not to forget Waterloo probably has the most beautiful mansions ever seen with its great history. J’adore tout! Check out my old school photos, bisou!

2002, when i lived in brussels for a shortie.

Filip (that i lived with in New York), me and Lollo, me to the far left in school, me & Lollo in Waterloo, our trip to Brough, Cissi, Maria, me and Lollo @louisegallery,  the boys, more trips, me, Lollo and Carro, the girls and all of us.

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